Certified Mistress

Certified Mistress?

The other day I was visiting Mistress Beatrice, the running Up Mistress in Antwerp. Always great to see how dedicated this Mistress is to her slaves. I have witnessed her metamorphosis into a real Mistress over the past years.

(W) Mistress Beatrice

I always liked it very much, neat, beautiful body and oh so nice lady who went on discovering the dominant side until a real Mistress revealed herself. Great, wonderful, addictive. What I hadn’t noticed so well though is that Beatrice, sorry Mistress Beatrice together with her equally beautiful and exciting girlfriends have followed a real training, course in Germany at the SM academy of Mistress Leatitia.

And what do I see there on the certificate? Bondage, CBT and much more…. And that together with Melissa, sorry Mistress Melissa. Now my heart starts to skip a beat and I notice that breathing gets a little faster, the blood starts to flow and I can’t get the image of these 2 beautiful certified Mistresses, skilled in CBT and bondage out of my head.

How is your fantasy going? I hope the lockdown is off very soon, because this can’t wait.