Mistress Antwerpen

Antwerp the port city of Belgium is known for its wonderful atmosphere, friendliness and delicious food. Many tourists visit Antwerp mainly to enjoy terraces and good food. Shopping is also a must when in Antwerp.

In the field of BDSM, Antwerp has always had a very good reputation. Well known Mistresses as Goddess Lucrezia, Mistress Jill had their studios in the region of Antwerp.

Even now, there are still beautiful, good SM studios in the Antwerp area.

SM locations:

In the region are several SM locations, which can also be found on the website Meesteresse-Benelux.nl
The SM location, SM studio Antwerp is a beautiful SM studio of Mistress Verena and the Redlight district Schipperstraat can be found in this region.