mistress Antwerpen, Meesteres Antwerpen, Domina Antwerpen

Mistress Yasmine

I am a professional Mistress based in Antwerpen. 

Exclusive, intellectual and exquisite: I am an enigmatic German lady and Antwerp Mistress par excellence.

Beyond my sparkling green eyes and sweet smile lies a sadistic, skilled and sophisticated exciting Mistress. I will take control of your body, intoxicate your mind and captivate your attention forever.

Do not be fooled by my beauty or demure demeanor. I am an experienced, talented and dedicated Dominatrix with a dark and infinite imagination. I love to turn your fantasy into your reality, to torment and tease you, to hurt and humiliate you, to make you mine.

Subversive sexual culture, the psychology of power exchange and the dark and seductive arts have always fascinated me immensely. After graduating from a top university with a first-class degree in psychology, I was instinctively drawn to the hypnotic world of BDSM. During that time, I had the privilege of meeting an inimitable London Mistress who opened my mind to the siren call of Domination. Since then, I have dedicated my time to honing my skills and perfecting the art of punishment, the paradox of pain and pleasure.


I really enjoy the subjective nature of my art. For this reason, I enjoy the softer, more sensual side of BDSM as much as harder play. My mind is as sharp as my whip and I simply don’t do anything I don’t enjoy. So if you trust me with your fantasy, you can be sure that I will make it truly unforgettable for both of us, for all the right reasons. So whether you worship my perfect feet, get slapped across my knee, or I make you completely helpless before I take advantage of your helpless situation, all activities are enthusiastically embraced within the delightful confines of my private dungeon.


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Whether it’s just an itch or an insatiable hunger for discovery, your desire to serve an Elite Antwerp Dominatrix begins (or perhaps continues) here.

Now that you’ve come this far, I’m sure you’ve already imagined yourself on your knees while I tower above you – your Goddess in person. Your senses are under scrutiny as my seductive voice commands you, my mesmerizing eyes burn into your naked flesh and my strict regime lies before you. So do you have it in you to please and entertain a discerning Mistress like me?


September 2023

World's best kinky mistress


First of all, I consider BDSM an art, and not a science. For me, its definition lies in escapism, enlightenment and pleasure. These are the themes I value highly and want to cultivate in our time together. My sessions are a two-way street and for this reason, although I will make strict demands of you, in return I will take pride in fully understanding your fantasies before embellishing them with my own dark imagination. I am extremely open-minded and am happy to receive elaborate or carefully designed scenarios. Please see my contact page for more information.

I am more than open to entertaining beginners, provided you are open-minded, respectful and willing to learn. Initially, we will discuss your interests and if I think I will enjoy introducing you to the many and varied pleasures of BDSM, we will go from there.

And if you’re not in pain, that’s no problem for me either. Your personality and attitude are just as (if not more) important to me as your interests. So if you have a gentler persuasion, a desperate desire to worship silk stockings, find yourself silently under my soles, or be tickled to tears, I may be happy to indulge you.


BDSM games Mistress?

I play many BDSM plays: 

Aunt – Killer Cyborg – Army Officer – Alien Kidnapper – Bitchy Boss – CGD – Computer-Generated Dominatrix – Depraved Doctor – Escape Room – Girlfriend – Governess – Head Girl – Assassin – Honey Trap – Interrogator – Kinky Kidnapper – Life Coach – Naughty nurse – Punishing policewoman – Personal trainer – Politician/Prime Minister – Psycho killer – Strict teacher – Sadistic secretary – Sexual therapist – Spy – Scientist – Stable mistress – Space vixen – Squid game – Superheroine/Supervillain – Vampire – Woman


Not for the timid, sanctimonious or shallow wallet. In a world where everything is predictable and probable, you have it in you to set aside such conventions, roll the Malice dice and truly immerse yourself in something extraordinary. BY INVITATION ONLY.

BDSM sessions ?

Here are My ever expanding list of favourite games, range of scenarios, fetishes and disciplines I enjoy:  69 – Acarophilia – Agalmatophilia – Age Play – ALTOCALCIPHILIA – Amazons woman and authoritarians – Amaurophilia –  Amyl Nitrate (poppers) – Anal Play mild to extreme – armpit fetish – Ass Worship – Ball Busting – Bastinado – BDSM light – Begging fetish – Bimbofication – Blackmail (only with consent form signed) – Blindfold’s – Body Worship  – Bondage  – Boot shoe fetish /worship – Branding – Breath Control/play – Business dates – Candle Play – Caning – CBT (Cock and Ball Torture and tied) – C.E.I. cum eating instructions – Chastity/Key Holding – Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) – Clothed sex – Cock Worship – Collaring – Come on boobs (COM) – Companionship – Corner Time – Corset’s & Lingerie – Couples training and single ladies (with another Mistress or submissive) –  Cross Dressing  – CP (Corporal Punishment) –  Crurophilia – Crush fetish – Dangling shoe – Degradation – Depletion – Dinner Dates – Dirty Talk – Dog Training – Domestic Discipline – Domination light to heavy – Dominatrix London services – Doraphilia – Double Domme – Dominatrix London services – Elastophilia – Electric play –  Erotic sensual Sado Beauty sessions – Exhibitionism – Exoticism – Face Slapping/Spitting – Feeding Fetish – Financial Domination – Financial Servitude – Fire Play – Fisting and footing Flogging – Forced Bi -Forced Feeding – Forced Feminization – Forced Masturbation – Foot Worship/ Fetish – French Kissing (discretion) – Full Body Sensual Massage – Fun Filled lets have a laugh sessions – Gags – Gerontophilia – G.F.E. – Glove Fetish – Goddess Worship – Hand Relief – Happy Endings – Harsh Headmistress – Heavy Makeup – Heavily Scripted Scenarios – Helplessness – High Heel Worship – Hood’s – Hospitality lets talk sessions – hot iron branding – Hot Wax Play – House cleaning slave – Hypnosis (role play) – Human Furniture – Humiliation – Ice Torture – Inmact play – Interrogation – Intimate Worship – Jerk off Instructions – Judicial Scenario’s – Katoptronophilia – Kicking – Kidnapping Scenarios – Kigurumi – Lap dancing – Latex & Leather worship – (Latex catsuit is an extra £200 per hour additional charge) – Latex for you to wear – Leather fetish – Leg Worship – Lift and carry (max 70 kilos) – Light sensual – Lingerie worship – Lipstick and make-up fetishes – Maid training – Maschalagnia – Masturbation /Training – Mind Play – Mistress domination – Mixophilia – Mock castration – Modelling – Mouth soaping – Nail Fetish – Naked Domination – Narratophilia –  Naughty Nurse – Nipple play/Torture – No make up Mistress session – Nudism – Oral sex – oriented submission – Orgasm Control – Orgasm Denial – Outdoor Play – Over the Knee Spanking – Over Nights – Paddling – Parties of up to 10 people  – Partialism –  Penetration – Phone chats – Photography shoots – Pictophilia – Pony/ Puppy Play – Prostate Massage – Pteronphilia –  PVC – Punching  – Queening – Retifism – Rhabdophilia – Rimming  – Role Play & Fantasy NO LIMITS – Rubber fetish – Ruined Orgasms – Satin worship – scratching -Scissoring – Seductive Secretary – Sensory Deprivation – Sexual Enjoyment – Sex Toys – Shaving/Waxing – Shoe Fetish – Shopping slave – service oriented submission – Silent Sessions – Skin Stapling- Slapping – Slave Training – Slut Training – Slutty Girlfriend – Stockings – Sissy Training/play – small penis humiliation (SPH)  – Smothering (body) – Sploshing (you provide the food) – Straight Sex – Striptease – Sub games – Submissive training  –  Suspension session – Spanking  – Strap On Training (giving ALL sizes) – Sissy Training/play – Spitting – Stomping – Sword & Knife play – Sub games – Tantric Massage/sex – Therapy /Psychoanalysis – Tickling – Tie and Tease – Tights – Trampling – Therapy /- Thrashing – Toys  – Trash bag fetish – TVs – Uniforms – Verbal Abuse – Vibrators – Violet wand – Voyeurism (lets hit the town) – Water Sport’s

Can I wear Latex Mistress ?

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How long can i do a session Mistress?

For a good session I need at least 2 hours. 

A long time session until 48 hours is also possible slave.


How do I book a session Mistress?

To secure your appointment text in the morning of the day you would like to session, then reconfirm one full hour before time agreed, this is when I will text you the address details. OR if, I am available, a minimum of  2 full hours notice to get ready. Completely safe and discreet deposits for both sides of £50  and there is zero tolerance for all cancellations. When you arrive we will discuss your interests, our session will always be tailor-made to your individual needs. All limits and boundaries will be respected in a safe, sane and mutually agreeable session so our enjoyment is guaranteed! Couples, novices, experienced players all are welcome. 


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Also Duo Session Mistress?

I like to play Duo sessions and long time Duo sessions. 

Couples: I am happy to meet with couples if I am booked with any one of my friends (see my friends page).